Advice For Women Who Are Dating

Couple holding hands Men seem like somewhat of an enigma to most women, mainly due to the fact that both are actually wired differently. In essence, figuring out a guy’s mind can be termed as one of the few things women will actually never figure out no matter how hard they try. This therefore makes the dating scene out there a jungle, where only the distinct with a proper skill-set will emerge victorious.

When dating, it is of paramount importance for every woman to remember that learning from the past is equally important to staying in the present on not dwelling on past events. With that said, here are a few dating advice for women, put together by a woman and for women, to help them get ideal partners.

Keeping It Simple – It is a common mistake made by most women where on the first or second date, the ‘commitment issue’ is brought up. As women, it is important to realize that men will decide whether or not they are ready to commit. It is common to find a lady talking about marriage or commitment only a week down the line, and this can get a man running out just as fast as he came by. On the first date or initial dates generally, it is highly advisable for women to keep it simple and avoid serious topics pertaining commitment. A man will always take it to the next level if he is interested.

Staying Exclusive – Men are interesting beings. They will chase women to great extents but cool off once the pursuit is ended. In essence, they always want what they cannot get. By calling often throughout the day, women actually smother potential partners and repelling them in the process. Women should avoid calling all the time and let the man call only when he misses her, at least for the first few weeks or months. Women who regularly call or text during the dating period actually seem plain or desperate thus making the potential suitors to lose interest. To avoid this, leave this task to him.

Let Him Wait – As much as women get hurt often, and get their hearts crushed in the process, it is never wise or advisable to rebound or rush into anything. Even after breaking up with an ex, a woman should never invite a man inside her house on the first date. In fact, only a kiss at the doorstep should take place on the initial date; usually a good sign, portraying that he is indeed interested. After this, the woman is advised to walk inside and lock the door behind her as the man walks away. As much as it may seem difficult at times, she will be glad it didn’t happen when morning comes.

All said the key to success in the dating scene is by following the dating advice for women above and for them to have a better understanding about how men actually think. This will in essence go a long way in figuring out their moves, thus better placed to make informed decisions.


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